Jun. 26, 2020
Summer term 2020

June 25, 2020.

Dear Current and New students and Their Guardians,
Dear Agencies,


Naganuma School has been holding classes on the internet for Spring term due to the spread of the COVID-19, a state of emergency, and Tokyo Alert. We would like to thank everyone for your understanding and cooperation which allowed us to make it successfully.

For three weeks or so since June 8, we have set a date for each class to come to school once a week, and operated staggered attendance with thorough precautions to avoid infectious diseases with students.

Now, based on the government’s policy that is trying to return to normal with appropriate precautions against infectious diseases, shops are gradually reopening, more people are commuting to work, and we can see the crowds are returning to the city center.

We have decided to hold classes for the summer term as follows. Although there is still some concern about infectious diseases, we will protect our learning environment with consideration for the safety of our students as our first priority. We would appreciate your continued understanding and support.


【Summer term 2020】

Period:Date of Start – Monday, July 6
Date of End – Friday, September 25

※There will be no classes from Monday, August 10th to Friday, August 14th for Summer Vacation.
The rest of the school year will be as per the calendar.

Lesson:We are going to offer a combination of online lessons and in-person lessons with staggered attendance.

※The frequency of staggered attendance is subject to change depending on future changes in the epidemic, and the requirements of the government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

※For current students, the new Google Classroom will be available on July 2.

※For new students, your class will be determined by the result of an online web test.

Iinfection control measures:For more information about Naganuma School’s infection control measures, click here please.

Naganuma School
Tokyo Japanese Language School
Chairman, Kazuhiko Naganuma
Board Member & Principal, Chie Koyama

Apr. 21, 2020
Evening Course(Spring Term Online JLPT Preparation Program) Now accepting applications!
Apr. 16, 2020
Spring Semester 2020

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we Naganuma school had changed the schedule of the spring semester of 2020 on March 16th. The situation has been getting worse, and government of Japan has declared a state of emergency on April 7th.
Given the official declaration, we announce that we will offer lessons through the internet. Although this spread has given very hard time worldwide, we, teachers and staffs are preparing for the coming semester with remote work to make the students’ studying fun.We are really looking forward to meeting you through the internet.

Spring Semester 2020
Start Date: April 27th, Monday
End Date: June 30th, Tuesday

※ Lessons are held through the internet. Depending on further situation of the outbreak and if the request from government of Japan and Tokyo Metropolitan changes, we might change the style to lessons in the classroom.
※ Lessons will be held during the four days of public holidays (April 29, May 4, 5, and 6), and attendance will also be checked.
※ During the semester, two special Japanese communication activities will be held on Saturdays (May 16 and June 6). Each attendance will be checked as two days of class.
※ With regard to contents of the lessons and how to take the lessons, we are going to email separately. For current students, it is going to be announced on the portal site as well.
※ A class for new students will be determined referring to the result of online placement test.

Apr. 09, 2020
Application for certificates
Feb. 12, 2020
Posted – Flash report on successful admissions (updated Feb.12)

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