JLPT Preparation Program

The program will prepare you for the JLPT by focusing on the questions that might be given in the JLPT.

Suitable for those who wish to succeed in N1 or N2 level of the Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT)
Japanese level Intermediate, advanced
Lesson schedule Twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) x 9 weeks
Lesson time 1:30pm - 3:10pm
Lesson hours 45-minute lesson x 2
Enrollment schedule April, June, October, January
Class size Minimum of 5 students for each of N1 and N2 classes
Mock exams A mock exam for the JLPT is arranged.


Participant Comment

Mr. Sebastian

from Germany

Successfully passed JLPT N1

Advanced class

There are definitely two “obstacles to passing” the JLPT N1, the N1 level grammar which is not used in everyday life and kanji which is the most difficult thing to learn for me, a German. I recall that there was not much time left before the test and I felt that I had to gear up for the test. I had no other choice but to start memorizing kanji using the application soft “Anki” during the commuting time, but I could hardly understand the difficult grammar because of the insufficient explanation in the N1 textbook.

But, what was timely and lucky for me was the JLPT Prep Program! The teachers' explanations were always easy to understand and I am certain their support made it possible for me to pass the test. I strongly recommend the Prep Program for those who are hesitating or are not sure how to prepare for the test!

Ms. Lee Yu Xuan

from Taiwan

Successfully passed JLPT N1

Advanced class

I panicked when I realized that there were only 3 months left to prepare for the JLPT exam.
How could I memorize the massive amount of grammar and vocabulary in such a short time?
I thought the only way I could get ready was through the JLPT Preparation Program.
Through the program, I was able to learn the confusing grammar and words that are similar and passed the Level N1! I can now say that the preparation program helped me tremendously!

Mr. Jung Yun Kim

from Korea

Successfully passed JLPT N1

Advanced class

You come across a lot of grammar and vocabulary that is hard to comprehend even you study very hard. But it is time consuming to ask your school teacher or your Japanese friends each time when you get stuck. This JLPT prep class is very helpful when you are in that situation. I think it is not very hard to be successful in JLPT if you review in the class what you have studied so far and solve the problems that have been incomprehensible.


¥15,800 / per school term

Materials fees are charged at actual cost.

Additional ¥21,600 enrollment fee is charged for non-Naganuma students.
Afternoon sessions, twice a week. Total 18 sessions

Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
(Japan time)

Available in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese languages.