The Three Core Features of Naganuma

Hearty Support

Warm and thorough support is provided in a multi-faceted manner to all of our students. This is the school's most important and powerful value. We have established a support system that enables students to realize their objectives with more certainty. We support you to reach your goal whether it is to learn Japanese culture through the language, to obtain Japanese higher education or to find employment where you can use your Japanese skills. The teachers guide each of you to enhance your language skills while the school’s career staff, academic advising staff and student counseling staff give you a helping hand to fulfill your personal and professional expectations.


Our students come from many countries and are of many ages with varied backgrounds and objectives. The students and the school staff are also diverse in their experiences. Their Japanese that you hear is also diverse. This diversity is a special feature of the Naganuma School.


There is a special bond connecting Naganuma School people. It brings together people from varied origins, Japanese business and academic societies, as well as graduates and current students, and even children and parents who may both be Naganuma graduates. The School creates an enriching network through Japanese language and education. This bond will certainly expand your opportunities in many fields.


Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
(Japan time)

Available in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese languages.