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Payment by Flywire

Our school has introduced the Flywire payment system for safe and convenient payment of school fees from overseas.
This system allows you to make a payment from a bank in your home country in local currency (although this may not be available in some countries),credit cards, online payments and others.
For more information, please click the button below to see the detailed explanation of Flywire.


Payment Method

  • STEP.01
    Go to the payment registration page(http://naganuma.flywire.com/
  • STEP.02
    Enter the name of the country to pay from and the amount to pay.
  • STEP.03
    Select your payment method.
  • STEP.04
    Please enter the payer information.
  • STEP.05
    Please enter your student information. (Student ID)
  • STEP.06
    Please check the information you have entered carefully to make sure it is correct.
    After confirming the information, please complete the payment.
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