The Naganuma School offers a proprietary scholarship. You may also apply for external scholarships.
The Naganuma School has a proprietary scholarship and award system available to students. Apart from that, you may apply for external scholarships by the recommendation of the school. Each scholarship has conditions for application. To be eligible, the students need to record excellence in study at Naganuma, good attendance rates and attitude and show evidence of financial need. Students receiving assistance are expected to maintain exceptional academic performance in school.

Naganuma Scholarship

Application period Each school term
Duration 6 months
Amount ¥100,000/6 months
Number of students 20 students per year

Principal Award & Perfect Attendance Award

Apart from the scholarships, there are two awards granted to the Naganuma students by the school.

Principal Award Granted to students who demonstrate excellent performance in study, attendance rates and attitude in class for one year.
Perfect Attendance Award Granted to students who attend school without missing a single day and are never late for class throughout one year.

* Both awards are granted at the end of each school term.

JASSO Scholarship

Application period April
Duration For one year from April
Amount ¥48,000/month(Univ. Prep. Course - Program A)
¥30,000/month(Other than the above program)
Number of students 0-7 students
Previously granted to 3 students in 2019 (Taiwanese 1, Mongolian 1, Vietnamese 1)
5 students in 2018 (Taiwanese 2, Korean 2, Vietnamese 1)
8 students in 2017 (Taiwanese 2, Chinese 3, Vietnamese 2, Mongolian 1)
7 students in 2015 (Chinese 2, Taiwanese 2, Mongolian 1, Russian 1, Vietnamese 1)
7 students in 2014 (Hong Kong 2, Vietnamese 2, Korean 1, Mongolian 1, Russian 1)
7 students in 2013 (Korean 2, Vietnamese 2, Taiwanese 2, Mongolian 1)

* This is the most well-known scholarship system in Japan.

* Granted to those who have enrolled at a long-term course for more than 6 months

Takayama International Education Foundation

Application period Around December
Duration For one year from the following April
Amount ¥60,000/month
Number of students 0 - 2students
Previously granted to 2 students in 2018 (Mongolian)
2 students in 2017 (Mongolian, Vietnamese)
2 students in 2015 (Vietnamese, Mongolian)
2 students in 2014 (Chinese, Mongolian)
2 students in 2013 (Mongolian,Vietnamese)

* Granted to those who came from Asia.

Kyoritsu International Exchange Scholarship Foundation

Application period Around November
Duration For one year from the following April
Amount ¥60,000/month
Number of students 0 - 1student
Previously granted to 1 student in 2019 (Mongolian)
1 student in 2015 (Mongolian)
1 student in 2014 (Mongolian)
1 student in 2013 (Mongolian)

* Granted to those who came from Asia.

Guide for Other Scholarships

 There are many other scholarships granted by Japanese public or private organizations. Please check them on the following sites.

2) Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES)

Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
(Japan time)

Available in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese languages.