School Facilities

  • Coffee lounge

    It is an ideal place for a break or chatting with your friends.

  • Forum, 1st Floor Building No.1

    The main entrance hall is called the 'Forum' and has a seating space for 40 to 50 people.
    It is a multi-functional space used for various events and also serves as a place for a brief break or chatting with friends over a beverage.

  • Computer Room

    The room is equipped with 20 computers. It is used for classes and it is open for the students after class hours.

  • Japanese tatami room

    Special classes such as tea ceremony and ikebana are provided here.

  • Career Center

    You can access information regarding entering higher education and/or job search. Individual consultation is also available.

  • Library

    The library stocks books on the Japanese language and culture, novels, dictionaries and textbooks. Workbooks related to university entrance examinations are also available.

  • Main hall

    This hall can accommodate more than 100 people, and is usually used for lectures, parties, ceremonies and other occasions.

The entire campus is equipped with Wi-Fi. There are also study rooms available after the classes.

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