Our Faculty and Staff


  • Ms. Nakano

    She is a wonderful character and is always full of energy. She is very kind and always thinks about the students first. She is also a talented singer.

  • Ms. Takada

    She is a great fan of the theatre group Shiki and is also a wonderful dancer. Her everyday stage is the classroom!

  • Ms. Fukuzawa

    Her personality is gentle and sweet but she conducts her class with both focus and intention. The contrast is really interesting.

  • Ms. Kinoshita

    She is always cheerful! No one can beat her for her love towards Chiba Lotte Marines and her students. Very skillful with illustrations.

  • Ms. Yoshida

    A committed fan of Hanshin Tigers! Her affection towards her students and the Japanese language is the greatest in Japan! or may be in the whole world.

  • Ms. Ito

    She is stylish and very caring like an elder sister. She will help you in times of need.

  • Ms. Miyamoto

    She is a facilitator type teacher. She really knows how to motivate her students.

  • Ms. Pandya

    It’s healing just to be with her. A sweet and kind person to know.

Office Staff

  • English language assistant

    Ms. Uehara

    I do my best every day for the students coming from all over the world. By the way, I have a weakness for hamburgers.

  • Chinese language assistant

    Ms. Suganuma

    She represents the proverb 'Laugh and grow fat' and brings happiness to everyone with her shining smile.

  • Vietnamese language assistant

    Ms. Anh

    She is gentle, graceful and strong. She has built trust not only with the students but with her colleagues, too.

  • Chinese language assistant

    Ms. Wei

    Loves Disney and visiting cafes! She'll be a good adviser for you with her study abroad experience.

  • Library

    Ms. Akazawa

    I will help you when you cannot choose what to read. Let’s try to find a book that really enriches your life.

  • Career Center

    Ms. Furukawa

    She supports students who seek higher education and employment. Her advice is very sound and encouraging.

  • ICT Systems Dept.

    Mr. Iwata

    He has a hairstyle of a Buddhist monk but he hits the keyboard instead of the Buddhist wooden drum!


Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
(Japan time)

Available in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese languages.