Our Faculty and Staff


  • Comprehensive Course

    Ms. Homma

    Both students and school staff have complete confidence in her. A central pillar of the Comprehensive Course faculty with the big heart of a mother.

  • Comprehensive Course

    Ms. Toda

    With long years of experience and sharp insight, she is the expert to give the final polish to the students' Japanese.

  • Comprehensive Course

    Ms. Hayashi

    Guiding the students by the hand for more than 20 years, a sense of 'kinship' gives students a feeling of reassurance.

  • Comprehensive Course

    Ms. Takada

    Contrary to her cool character, she is the multi-talented teacher who surprises her students with her versatality.

  • Comprehensive Course

    Mr. Ishikawa

    He worked as a professional tour guide and as a the chief of a Japanese pub. Ask him anything about Japan.

  • Comprehensive Course

    Ms. Yoshida

    Gifted with a kind smile, she is strict but fair. School idol among the Naganuma students.

  • Business Japanese Course

    Ms. Ueki

    She is fully committed to supporting our students--- a guiding star for those who wish to be successful in job search.

  • Business Japanese Course

    Ms. Fujii

    Strict but passionate. With her warm smile, she motivates everyone in the class.

  • University Prep. Course

    Mr. Nishimura

    A teacher of profound wisdom and humility. You may learn the value of Japanese humility from him.

  • University Prep. Course

    Ms. Namba

    She is stylish and very caring like an elder sister. She will help you in times of need.

  • Special Programs

    Ms. Miyamoto

    Love for the students found behind the glint of her glasses. She removes anxiety of learning with much experience.

  • Special Programs

    Ms. Yonekawa

    It’s healing just to be with her. A sweet and kind person to know.

Language Assistants (School Innovation Office)

  • Korean language assistant

    Mr. Ha

    A mania of Japanese anime of the Showa era. No one can beat his love for Korea and the Japanese traditional pop music.

  • Taiwanese language assistant

    Ms. Chen

    Reliability 120%! She has the strongest sense of responsibility than anyone else and is like an elder sister to students from Taiwan.

  • English/Spanish/French language assistant

    Ms. Kubo

    Her hobby is taking pictures. With her lens-like-insight and her linguistic talent, she connects with the people all over the world.

  • Korean language assistant

    Mr. Hoshino

    A great saxophonist and an expert in handling visa application. He values harmony between the students and himself.

  • Mainland Chinese language assistant

    Ms. Sho

    Her aura of happiness blossoms like flowers in the hearts of the international students and brings springtime freshness.

  • Mongolian language assistant

    Ms. Urun

    An athlete lady from Mongolia. She is a fan of the singer Misora Hibari, and loves the Japanese people's kokoro (heart).

  • Vietnamese language assistant

    Ms. Tham

    Her smile heals people's heart. She is a trusted advisor to everyone and to the students from Vietnam.

  • Mainland Chinese language assistant

    Ms. Suganuma

    She represents the proverb 'Laugh and grow fat' and brings happiness to everyone with her shining smile.

Office Staff

  • ICT Systems Dept.

    Mr. Iwata

    He has a hairstyle of a Buddhist monk but he hits the keyboard instead of the Buddhist wooden drum!

  • Special Programs

    Ms. Ichikawa

    A leading staff member of the Special Programs section. She is neat and is endowed with an inner strength. Being a person of action and a great planner, she works hard to make the school environment a comfortable learning space for the students.


Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
(Japan time)

Available in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese languages.